Payroll Service

calculatorBusiness owners and managers agree: one thing in short supply these days is time. There are many good reasons to outsource payroll and related functions, but the main reason hundreds of businesses like yours have turned to us is because we can help you be more productive. We produces payroll checks, handles employees' direct deposits, provides supporting management reports, manages payroll tax deposits and maintains current employee file information. You provide us with your employees' hours and earning information each pay period and let us do the rest.

Payroll Processing Capabilities

For one low price we provide the following services and standard reports:

  • Input and calculate of payroll information
  • Payroll Register with Year-to-Date Earnings and Deductions
  • Master Employee Report
  • Employee Transmittal Report (Worksheet)
  • Payroll Recap Report by Department
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Employee Name Index
  • New Hire Reports
  • Payroll Journal
  • Tax Notification (statement summarizing tax encumbered on your account)
  • Employee payroll checks/third party checks (garnishments, 401(k) plan administrators, etc.)
  • Electronic Tax Filing
  • Payroll Processing Monday through Friday


Additional services available include:

  • Direct deposit of employees paychecks
  • Check signing/Check stuffing
  • Company logo on checks
  • Vacation, sick, and personal time accruals
  • Client Specific General Ledger
  • 401(k) and Cafeteria 125 Plan Reporting
  • Deductions Register
  • Workers Compensation Report
  • Employee Profiles