Tax Filing

file_cabinetConvenient, Accurate, Timely – We perform all tax calculations, deposits necessary monies and files all Federal, State, Local & Municipal tax returns nationwide on your behalf. We take complete responsibility for timeliness and accuracy of tax deposits and filings, thus ensuring tax compliance for your company and eliminating any exposure or liability.

  • Filing Service calculates and deposits all of your payroll taxes…..
  • Federal Income Tax
  • Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax
  • Social Security/Medicare
  • State Income Tax
  • State Unemployment Tax
  • State Disability Insurance
  • Local Income Tax
  • Worker’s Compensation

How Tax Filing Service Works...

  • Tax Filing Service is easy and seamless; the entire process is virtually invisible to your payroll staff……
  • Based on your company’s payroll data, we determine your payroll tax liabilities and encumber the correct amounts as they occur.
  • We deposit your federal, state and local tax payments and file the returns on time.
  • We reconcile your tax reports with your payroll data.
  • We issue clear and concise quarterly and annual Statements of Deposits and Filings for each of your tax jurisdictions – giving you a detailed accounting of all your payroll tax transactions.

Non-Tax Filing Services:

We provide the Monthly Notice of Taxes Due report coupled with Quarterly Deposit Advice. Also, annual services provided are W-3 information, copies of W-2’s and the Federal Withholding report filled out and ready to sign. You will be responsible for filing your own tax returns for both the quarter and the year ending – and you must make any pending deposits. We will also be unable to respond to any agency inquiries on your behalf. Note: Your company may already be mandated to deposit your business federal taxes electronically. The Electronic Federal Tax payment System (EFTPS) mandate required some business taxpayers to begin paying their federal taxes electronically in 1997. If you have reached the threshold amount set forth by the IRS, you must make all of your federal tax payments electronically. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of 10% for each payment not made through the EFTPS. Who must comply…The IRS mandate applies to each (EIN) subject to federal payroll tax deposits of $50,000 or more for the period between 1/1 to 12/31 of the prior calendar year.